Welcome to Dreamspace

Hi, and welcome to DREAMSPACE. So glad you’ve decided to have a look. Dreamspace is a concept as much as a title for my work. I love the idea of there being a space that exists between waking and dreaming, between what is and what isnt. Im inspired by the spaces  inbetween things, real or imagined. I play with perspective and use trompe l’oil and optical art to trick the eyes and so the mind, challenging it to question reality and creating an otherwordly feel.  The Mandalas especially are meditation pieces, and quite interactive, the more you look, the more you will find. You can also see my Goddess art, environmental art, wall murals, bike art, tattoos, logo’s, colouring sets, facepainting and tons of other stuff including my poetry and songs. I hope you like it, actually I hope you love it. Enjoy being in dreamspace, feel the love, and remember, the world is as you dream it. x

Bright Blessings,

Jo X



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