Ancient Futures

Where are we going?
Where have we come from?
Answers to the future lie quietly in the past,
awaiting long lost calls of awakening,
awakening minds,
primed for knowledge long forgotten,
The sea of human conciousness flows beyond
space and time, as then is now,
only our tiny perceptions of reality change,
with every new experience, feeling, emotion,
our minds running riot, out of control,
never to be still, calm or peaceful,
Life isnt supposed to be lived like this,
at such a pace, with such destructive force,
at such a high price.
Our planet turns weeping.
That which nourishes us, polluted and wrecked,
disfigured, dismembered and destroyed,
where once she was held so sacred.
Secrets of the past tell of ancient wisdom.
Of a people who worshipped their earth and her energies
and lived in harmony with nature.
Honouring her cycles and gifts,
understanding the stars and revering the mother.
But man ceased to respect the feminine,
and so ceased to respect himself and the
very Earth he lives on.
As a race we have lost our way,
but there is a harmony.
Each must honour the other, and know the
continous flow of cyclic energies,
each complementing the other,
necessary to the other.
The answer lies in gentle balance.

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