My son, my child.
So tall and strong,
when once I carried you so easily in one arm.
Permanently slung on my hip,
seemingly still attached.
Shoulders now so wide and powerful,
one day for your woman to lean on,
to dream on.
Secure in your gentle wisdom,
embraced in your love.
I am amazed by the wondrous joy that is you,
to watch you learn and grow is a constant source
of happiness.
Sometimes I can hardly believe this beautiful strong young
man I see before me was once my little baby,
So innocent and new,
my, how you have grown.
The world will offer you so much,
and you have so much to offer the world.
Talents and gifts in abundance.
Your kindness warms my heart,
your compassion soothes my pain
and your love enriches my soul.
Life for me will never exist without you,
so much a part of me, the awareness of you
is everpresent.
Where will you end up in the world?
What will you do?,
Who will you be?.
I’m so excited about your future,
I know it will be amazing and wonderful,
because you are.

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