The moon grows through her cycle,
the great fullness mirrored in the bellies of
women ripe with pregnancy.
We are connected us women and the moon,
our cycles flowing with hers,
her glowing light blessing us,
calling women everywhere to awaken
and know our own true natures.
We watch her travel across the sky,
growing from crescent to full,
the ever changing energies affecting every cell,
as surely as the seas ebb and flow.
The monthly madness.
The outer cycle reflects the cycle within.
Our bodies and minds coming to fruition
of ripe creation,
sometimes to weep in the stillness of the dark moon,
as our eggs leave our bodies bloody and unfulfilled.
We writhe in pain, too full of unexplained sorrow,
drowning in the depths of emotion.
Retrospection, introspection.
As the first crescent of light appears, it signals
a time to move, to gather energy.
The end of one phase begins another.
A perfect circle, a perfect cycle.
How sacred to feel the energy of the moon
coursing through your body.
To stand on a hill and gaze in awe and wonder,
knowing the magic that infuses your being.
The intrinsic power of the sisterhood we all share.

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