The cat licks and lovingly strokes her kittens,
as the crocodile gently carries her young
in her huge jaws.
The lioness hunts to feed her cubs, and growls
the great lion away as he threatens.
The mother deer takes on the tiger, as her fawn lies
innocent and endangered in the long grass.
Where is a mother creature in all the world that
would not give her life for the lif she has birthed.
This love can change worlds.
Cherishing, caring, guiding, nurturing.
For a mother there is no sacrifice too great.
The urge to protect, the overwhelming torrent of love
filling every part of your soul.
So closely linked and bound to your child, you feel
their every hurt and weep for their sorrow.
What womans heart doesn’t sing for her childs happiness,
and threaten to burst with love when
they smile into her eyes.
What a great gift a mothers love is.
It is the gentle stream of steel that bonds all life,
in all of this world.
A bond formed before birth,
that even death cannot break.
Blessings to all mothers everywhere,
Honour the Mother of us all.

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