When I see you my heart skips a beat,
eyes shining with love, such joy,
to look upon the face that is in my heart.
I can hardly believe you,
two souls that love as one,
true love, our lives begun.
I love you more with every sunrise,
and as it sets, I await with eagerness
a night spent next to you.
You and I , alone, in love, in bed.
The touch of your hand,
the feel of your face,
legs wrapped around,
and arms aching to embrace,
skin on skin,
touching from face to feet,
still not close enough to you.
I loved you from the first time I saw you,
I knew, I knew,
From that moment you were in my heart.
Our lives have taken us to many places,
apart but always somehow together,
the presence of the other everpresent.
Soul connection a thread held fast,
a glimpse of beauty we dare to dream,
enough to propel us to harmonious reunion,
to embrace at last,
hearts singing,
love and truth finally found.

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