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Hello there and welcome to Dreamspace.

Jo Thilwind

Jo Thilwind

About Dreamspace

Just thought I’d say a bit about myself so DREAMSPACE makes more sense.

Dreamspace is a concept as much as an overall title for my body of work. I love the idea of there being a space that exists between waking and dreaming. I imagine it being a place of magic, the source of creativity and pure thought. A place where the soul flourishes and flies free, and the barriers between reality and non-reality are blurred. Dreams have always been a fascination for me and an inspiration. I dream paintings sometimes, and as an artist I am always trying to connect with that ethereal & magical place in my everyday waking life.

It is where my art comes from.


I enjoy playing with perspective and many of my paintings break the rules although that is not always immediately apparent which is part of the magic. I love trompe L’oiel and optical art and incorporate these principals wherever I can.  In tricking the eye you challenge the mind and so question reality. I like that. I want the paintings to look beautiful and be loved. I also want them to be fascinating and inspire. I hope in some way to have achievedthat.

That is partly up to you!

Artist Profile

I’m based in Cheshire, England, where I live with my son Ben. I work from home, which is mostly good, but sometimes difficult as it’s easy to get distracted from work – or not switch off from it. I travel as much as I can, and am lucky enough to have seen quite a lot of the world. I work in a fairly unstructured and floaty way, around quite a busy life, and always work on many paintings at once. If I get bored or stuck with a painting, I’ll just work on another and go back to the original with a fresh view another day. I always work on what Im most passionate about and really into at any given time. It works for me, and I do get paintings finished eventually tho some take a while.. I also love music, going to gigs and festivals, dancing, being with my friends and being in the countryside. I love wild places, and old and sacred places. I love travelling, and meeting wonderful people. I am living the dream as an artist, and really feel Im doing what Im supposed to be doing. Its a blessing for sure.

My Studio

My lovely studio, from which I can see up my garden and into the fields. Its a beautiful space, far too hot in the summer and freezing in the winter but a gorgeous place anyway. It's a blessing to have and a lovely place to share when I do my art workshops. x

My art is a great part of me and my life, and to a degree dictates how I live, but I need that level of passion to really create something special. I’m also a musician, and it’s the same – when a painting or a song is floating around my head and heart, the need to grasp and express it is overwhelming. I simply can’t settle until I have brought it out into the world, at which point I must say, I often lose all interest and am ready for the next big thing!

I’ve been a keen environmentalist for many years and very involved with Greenpeace. My love for our beautiful planet, and my horror at what we’re doing to it, is probably my greatest drive to do anything at all. Humanity seems to have lost its way, and I think a big part of that is because we have lost our spiritual connection to our planet, the very land we live on. The cycles and seasons of the Earth can teach us so much about ourselves, and I believe that through nature, we can connect with the divine. In our arrogance and ignorance, we miss the gifts of wisdom that nature eternally offers us.

The feminine aspect of universal energy has not been respected for far too long, and so a great imbalance is in place. My paintings honour the feminine. I paint women of power, and it is my wish that they go some way to redressing the balance.

So, my artistic journey continues as I enter the world of the Internet (never thought I’d say that). But it feels like the right time and I want more people to see my work.

I hope DREAMSPACE leads me to more exciting projects and commissions, whatever form they take, and that lots of people love and buy my work!

I send my paintings out into the Universe with love, and I hope that you enjoy them. Please get in touch and let me know what you think.

Blessed be.

Love, JO

To contact me


Mobile: 07958054619


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