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Soulmate Song {soul call}

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

Will you come and sit with me?,

underneath the kissing tree.

will you come, will you find me,

underneath the kissing tree.


I wonder what you’re doing now,

where you are, will you be found?.

I wish and dream that you’re with me,

underneath the kissing tree.


Do you ever think of me?,

wonder where on earth I’ll be.

Soulmate true my own dear one,

I hope that you can hear my song.

Ancient Futures

Monday, February 12th, 2007

Where are we going?
Where have we come from?
Answers to the future lie quietly in the past,
awaiting long lost calls of awakening,
awakening minds,
primed for knowledge long forgotten,
The sea of human conciousness flows beyond
space and time, as then is now,
only our tiny perceptions of reality change,
with every new experience, feeling, emotion,
our minds running riot, out of control,
never to be still, calm or peaceful,
Life isnt supposed to be lived like this,
at such a pace, with such destructive force,
at such a high price.
Our planet turns weeping.
That which nourishes us, polluted and wrecked,
disfigured, dismembered and destroyed,
where once she was held so sacred.
Secrets of the past tell of ancient wisdom.
Of a people who worshipped their earth and her energies
and lived in harmony with nature.
Honouring her cycles and gifts,
understanding the stars and revering the mother.
But man ceased to respect the feminine,
and so ceased to respect himself and the
very Earth he lives on.
As a race we have lost our way,
but there is a harmony.
Each must honour the other, and know the
continous flow of cyclic energies,
each complementing the other,
necessary to the other.
The answer lies in gentle balance.


Monday, February 12th, 2007

The moon grows through her cycle,
the great fullness mirrored in the bellies of
women ripe with pregnancy.
We are connected us women and the moon,
our cycles flowing with hers,
her glowing light blessing us,
calling women everywhere to awaken
and know our own true natures.
We watch her travel across the sky,
growing from crescent to full,
the ever changing energies affecting every cell,
as surely as the seas ebb and flow.
The monthly madness.
The outer cycle reflects the cycle within.
Our bodies and minds coming to fruition
of ripe creation,
sometimes to weep in the stillness of the dark moon,
as our eggs leave our bodies bloody and unfulfilled.
We writhe in pain, too full of unexplained sorrow,
drowning in the depths of emotion.
Retrospection, introspection.
As the first crescent of light appears, it signals
a time to move, to gather energy.
The end of one phase begins another.
A perfect circle, a perfect cycle.
How sacred to feel the energy of the moon
coursing through your body.
To stand on a hill and gaze in awe and wonder,
knowing the magic that infuses your being.
The intrinsic power of the sisterhood we all share.


Monday, February 12th, 2007

The cat licks and lovingly strokes her kittens,
as the crocodile gently carries her young
in her huge jaws.
The lioness hunts to feed her cubs, and growls
the great lion away as he threatens.
The mother deer takes on the tiger, as her fawn lies
innocent and endangered in the long grass.
Where is a mother creature in all the world that
would not give her life for the lif she has birthed.
This love can change worlds.
Cherishing, caring, guiding, nurturing.
For a mother there is no sacrifice too great.
The urge to protect, the overwhelming torrent of love
filling every part of your soul.
So closely linked and bound to your child, you feel
their every hurt and weep for their sorrow.
What womans heart doesn’t sing for her childs happiness,
and threaten to burst with love when
they smile into her eyes.
What a great gift a mothers love is.
It is the gentle stream of steel that bonds all life,
in all of this world.
A bond formed before birth,
that even death cannot break.
Blessings to all mothers everywhere,
Honour the Mother of us all.


Monday, February 12th, 2007

Pre-Menstrual Suffering.

I have no skin.
I am just bare exposed nerve endings.
I feel everything.
I know everything, and nothing.
Enlightened and lost.
My soul screams in confusion and indecision
as chemicals rage through my system.
Out of control, out of my mind.
I want to be loved, I need to feel loved,
but am avoided at all costs.
I hear and smell every little thing,
all my senses are bombarded.
I am overloaded.
I cannot cope with all there is,
every noise a raucous cacophony of disharmonic sound,
drowning out the delicate harmonic of peace.
I pray for calm and respite, but respond
and tremble to the chaos and strain all around
me and within.
Energy like the sea, once calm and soothing,
whipped in moments into a gigantic wall of frothing rage,
terrifying and destroying everything in its path,
only to end it’s cycle tiptoeing playfully onto the beach,
bubbles caressing around the pebbles,
almost shyly apologetic.
Was that really me?.


Monday, February 12th, 2007

The lady sits by the lake,
hair floating lazily in the endless stream
of her imagination.
Time traveller is she, Shapeshifter,
Across the starlit galaxy she dreams
like silk in the breeze.
She is white eagle, raven, hawk, dove,
bright eyed hare in the moon,
a natural Witch.
Silver birch bending,
Dolphin softly gliding,
harmonic sounds swirling in tune,
singing their sacred notes to the beat
of the endless heart.


Monday, February 12th, 2007

My son, my child.
So tall and strong,
when once I carried you so easily in one arm.
Permanently slung on my hip,
seemingly still attached.
Shoulders now so wide and powerful,
one day for your woman to lean on,
to dream on.
Secure in your gentle wisdom,
embraced in your love.
I am amazed by the wondrous joy that is you,
to watch you learn and grow is a constant source
of happiness.
Sometimes I can hardly believe this beautiful strong young
man I see before me was once my little baby,
So innocent and new,
my, how you have grown.
The world will offer you so much,
and you have so much to offer the world.
Talents and gifts in abundance.
Your kindness warms my heart,
your compassion soothes my pain
and your love enriches my soul.
Life for me will never exist without you,
so much a part of me, the awareness of you
is everpresent.
Where will you end up in the world?
What will you do?,
Who will you be?.
I’m so excited about your future,
I know it will be amazing and wonderful,
because you are.


Monday, February 12th, 2007

Dolphins gliding in clear blue water,
singing their sacred songs of perfect harmony,
the lyrics to the choral whales,
a perfect accompanient to the higher song of truth.
An opera of majestic energy,
flowing to the lunar rhythm,
floating through the galaxies of the ocean,
a grand masterpiece played underwater
on the strings of life.

Are you asleep

Monday, February 12th, 2007

Are you asleep my dear?
Or are you laying awake thinking of me?
Do you miss me my love?
Do you miss me my soft form,
moulding into your body,
as naked we lay,
touching from lips to toes,
arms embraced in deep love.

Winters Falling

Monday, February 12th, 2007

Looking at the world through my window,
life seems to be passing before me and behind.
The past as far away as the future,
suspended, waiting,
Where are you?, I feel so alone.

Winters here, cold at the window.
Frost bites,
trees adorned with white sparkling magic,
freezing everything into motionless silence,
within and without.
Where am I?, I feel so alone.

Dark and cold outside my window,
Icy fingers grip my heart
when I think of not being with you.
Without your love.
Who am I?, I miss you.

Cold outside and in,
your love the warm breath
that keeps my heart beating,
keeps it beating,

keeps it beating,

keeps it beating.

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