Colouring Sets

Mandala Colouring Sets

Having had such great feedback about my other colouring set, and being so focused on the magic of Mandalas, it made sense to me to design a set of Mandalas for people to colour in themselves, to actually take part in the creation of a beautiful mandala and go through the thought process I do when I paint them {tho hopefully not as painful!}. So far people are loving them and finding them really relaxing and inspiring. Try one and see! .

Colouring Sets

These began life as pen & ink drawings but everyone wanted to colour them in so thats what I did!. Bit of tweaking obviously and added more pictures to make a set. Had nothing but great feedback about them, You really can just get lost in them and its a lovely relaxing way to spend some time. I recently added the MANDALA colouring set. Again hours of peaceful relaxation and losing yourself in the colours you love. Explore your own creativity with the support of mine!. x

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