I got very into painting Mandalas a few years ago and have utterly embraced it as a form to work with. By their very nature Mandalas are a spiritual tool, a way of accessing hidden areas of the mind, helping the viewer to achieve a state of peaceful relaxation and so open mindedness. Im very into optical art and visual illusion and paint into my Mandalas all sorts of trickery that tricks the eye and puts the mind into a state of wondering.. what is actually real?. The colours, shapes & themes I use are all carefully chosen to guide the eye through the painting, the journey, and to hopefully invoke a beautiful and uplifting experience. How much you want to interact with them is of course up to you. If you want you can just look at them as a beautiful painting, and let their magick slowly reveal itself over time. They are however a powerful images and will warm and energise your home and space.

[img src=]570Sky Mandala
This was one of my earliest Mandalas and is named as it appears to float in the sky.. Copyright 2007 Jo Thilwind,
[img src=]410Techno Hell {Arrrggghh my eyes!}
copyright Jo Thilwind 2012.
[img src=]460Pink red MAndala
Jo Thilwind C020 Artwork Copies
[img src=]400Butterflies&Daisies
A lovely painting of all things bright and beautiful. summer in all its glory, and the painting really gives off the feeling of a warm summers day. Copyright Jo Thilwind 2011.
[img src=]510Wonky Techno Mandala
I did this for my lovely friend Griff who's into mad techno spacey things and lasers, in return for designing my new website. He didnt in the end but it was lovely to design with him in mind and do something that hadnt strictly come from me. An interesting way to work for a change. Proper head messing painting, see the stars dropping out of the universe on the right. Copyright Jo Thilwind 2012.
[img src=]460Techno Mandala (closeup)
A close up detail of Techno Mandala. Copyright 2012, Jo Thilwind
[img src=]420Techno Mandala
This painting was inspired by my new pink paint!, I wanted to do something really bright and decided to go with pinks, oranges, reds and gold for full effect!. It appears to move when you look at it like cogs turning. copyright JoThilwind 2010.
[img src=]370HereThere&Otherwhere
copyright Jo Thilwind 2012.
[img src=]540RAINBOW MANDALA
copyright Jo Thilwind 2011.
[img src=]520Hearts Mandala
A lovely warm mandala with big juicy hearts in reds and oranges, outlined in gold. ITs a big warm cosy hug of a painting. I'm fascinated by the shapes that appear between the hearts that actually create a mandala pattern in themselves.. Copyright 2012 Jo Thilwind, dreamspaceart
[img src=]460Buddha Mandala
I painted this after a trip to Sri Lanka, very inspired by the Buddha imagery there {there's a lot!}. I wanted to convey the peaceful vibe of this image and portray the calming magical energy emanating from this great presence, hence the pulses in the sky. Copyright 2009 Jo Thilwind, dreamspaceart
[img src=]860Autumn Circle Cycle
The colours of autumn leaves, painted in a spiral from bright young green through to dark brown. Copyright 2009 Jo Thilwind, dreamspaceart
[img src=]6008 Gates
This was a commission for an exhibition in Dubai. Artists were asked to portray their view of the 8 gates to heaven and this was mine.Copyright Jo Thilwind 2009
[img src=]480Eye of Horus Mandala
This has a very Egyptian feel and I studied egyptian art as reference for it. The eye appears to float in 3D in front of the mandala.. Copyright 2010 Jo THilwind, dreamspaceart
[img src=]510Ayahuasca Mandala
This is a funny painting for me, dont know where it came from, I think I ws just on one, and I rarely paint green as it does my head in. A friend saw this and waas amazed as he had seen a mandala exactly like it floating in the forest in front of him while having a ayahuasca experience in Mexico, so that became its name. Copyright 2008 Jo Thilwind, dreamspaceart
[img src=]530
[img src=]750Butterfly Mandala
I love this painting. Its so beautiful and the colours remind me of a circus or carnival. I painted a lot of weirdness into this one, and as you study it you will see that a lot of it doesnt make sense and the Butterfly is completely woven into the Mandala. Copyright Jo Thilwind 2011.
[img src=]550Lapiz Lazuli Mandala
This is a beautiful painting the colour of jewels, and the background {which took as long as the mandala to paint} looks like Lapis Lazuli. Copyright 2009 Jo Thilwind,
[img src=]460Gong Mandala
This has a very Indian feel, which was my intention, but I painted it entirely while listening to Gong,{my favourite band}, and feel very much that the music inspired the painting. Copyright 2012 Jo Thilwind
[img src=]440Gothic Mandala
This was a commission for my friend Pete. I askd him what things he liked and what inspired him, and the list he gave included gothic architecture, ,I ching, red, water and the colour purple to namea few!. I managed to get almost all of them woven in. I find {as does he}, that you ant really look at the sky unless you kind of hook your eye on the edge of the stone window and look through it. Otherwise your eye just registers a vague blue circle. This painting is also the front cover of Andy Boles new album 'The Glorious Event'. Copyright Jo Thilwind 2011.
[img src=]610FLAME MANDALA {LovePainLove} Eclipse
I did this painting after a heart breaking ending of a sacred relationship. I was devastated and painted it in a frenzy of love, pain and passion. It speaks of the great love and also the pain. The love we had, and the pain of its end, eclipsed all else for a while. This painting in particular seems to pulse as you look at it, and sometimes the flames appear to pour from the centre to the outer edges. Copyright JoThilwind 2012.
[img src=]610planet gong through The eye of the rainbow telescope
This is my take on the Gong Mandala, a reworking of the bands original logo and I think it takes it to another level. The band have embraced it and it features on their website. It tells of the magic of the planet gong and its energy pulses from the centre of the mandala and out into the sky, then takes you back in to go round again. From here to the planet gong far away in the distant universe then back to 'here'. Love it x Copyright Jo Thilwind 2012


My Goddess paintings are without doubt my most personal work, and tend to be where I express my inner feelings the most. They reflect my deepest emotions and are a vehicle for me to get out what is within, and share the experiences I've had. I always paint from the heart, but the Goddess paintings are from my soul. Womens mysteries are very much a part of my everyday life and something I always wish to share. It is with love that I put my Goddess paintings out into the world to honour and inspire.

[img src=]380MOONDREAMER.
She is in a deep state of meditation and peace, and the moon is in the night sky and her mind, as she travels dreaming through the universe. Her earrings show the phases of the moon and so she honours that. She's a moon Goddess, meditating on all things Lunar and feminine
This started life as a very quick sketch that I decided to paint. I never understood it and have never really known what her eyes are saying. Try as I might, I couldnt take the stern look from her face, I painted it and painted it trying to warm her but she resolutely refused to change her expression. I asked everyone who came round what they thought she was about and got various ideas as she interacted with them. Im still not sure but 'Waiting for her lover' somehow became her title.
[img src=]440MOONDANCER
I love this painting. It depicts a woman so massively strong in her own power and sexuality, a power enhanced by the full moon. She and it are at their peak. Shes on a pedestal but isnt a statue, in fact her position suggests movement. The right hand shows her own energy being contained, while the left is allowing it to flow and also bringing energy in. She is a Goddess for sure.
[img src=]410MOONDANCER {detail}
[img src=]330ANCIENT GODDESS.
This is an image of a very ancient Goddess figure. I actually have this as a pendant and wear it for empowerment and to honour the Goddess. I surrounded it with soft feminine colours and shapes, slowly moving and winding with energy.
[img src=]340WATERFALL WOMAN.
Thisis a vey early painting, and I was still experimenting with messing about with perspective and trying to get it wrong and right if you follow!. Different parts of this painting seem to be either in the foreground or the back depending on where you look, and the perspective is all over the place. She appears massive or small and I quite like that. beginnings of my future interest in perspective and tricking the eye.
[img src=]320NEW BEGINNINGS
This is a painting about death, which means its also a painting about new life. I think poppies have come to symbolize death, and she hangs her head in thought, but the fresh green tendrils of new life are starting to grow, a new beginning is happening.
[img src=]440IN THE DARK OF THE NIGHT.
well I was uttterly lost when I painted this, and didnt know where to turn. She sits on top of a mountain, looking out over a vast expanse of nothing but darkness, a few stars, and the moon at its weakest point. She is full of thought and emotion and the position of her shoulders depicts the weight being carried on them. I paint all my women naked, as they are showing themselves honestly and openly, hiding nothing.
[img src=]300IN THE DARK OF THE NIGHT {detail}
[img src=]250IN THE DARK OF THE NIGHT {detail 2}
This is an earth Goddess, deep in the earth communing with the crystals there and meditating on the deep wisdom of Gaia. I love the way you can travel down the painting, from sky outside, through to the bowels of the earth, and there she sits, in contemplation.
[img src=]310TATTOOMOON
I'm fascinated by the link between women and the moon, and as a woman its part of my life. Here I've painted a tribal woman, tattooed, naked and working with the lunar energy, her curves are beautiful and natural as she herself is from nature and speaks of the goddess and her earth mother bounty.
[img src=]300TREE SPIRIT
She floats through the woods, her skin blending with the trees, hardly a breath between her and them. She is a part of the forest. The path lead you to where she is.
[img src=]240STAR GODDESS.
A Goddess of the stars, a painting of the magick of the Goddess and the silvery magick that she inspires. I love painting eyes and always do them last as it finally gives the women their character and personality. I paint them to look right back at you, and invite and interchange of energy and knowing.
[img src=]320DARKMOON.
When I put the moon in a painting its phase is always relevant. This woman is obviously in deep thought, clouds and a tiny crescent moon hang over her. But the moon is waxing, about to grow, and of course the candle is there for comfort and light. The glow from the candle is in front of her, although lower down the painting it appears to be behind her right shoulder.
[img src=]350SEADANCER
A foray into the world of the sea. Again a beautifully feminine mermaid, floating naturally in her space, calmly where she should be. apparently dancing in the sea. a Goddess of the sea.
[img src=]290RAINBOW JO
self portrait , kind of, { I'm known as Rainbow Jo} so I put the rainbow colours behind her. I actually painted this for my website, its the front page of the old site.
[img src=]310RAIN OF TEARS.
No prizes for guessing I love Magritte!. I wanted this woman to look lost and solitary as its how I was feeling at the time. Insignificant and lost in a rain of tears. Her head is hanging down in lost sadness and she's just there alone.


This collection reflects my love of nature and the natural world. Im a keen environmentalist and feel very strongly that our connection to our planet is something we have lost touch with. My wish is to inspire people to re connect with our beautiful land and feel the magick and peace that she offers us. There are lessons to be learnt if we choose to listen and raise our awareness of the absolute beauty all around us. Nature offers us gifts in abundance and I honour that with love.

A mandala depicting the cycle from seed to leaf. I put it in a square to show that for all its curvy beauty, nature is actually a very ordered and balanced place.
[img src=]320TREEHEART {detail}
[img src=]240SUNSKYTREE
I love this painting, and theres a warmth about it that everyone else loves too. I could have sold it 10 times. Its all about the colour, and the tree with its energy curling up the trunk is purely there to enhance the gorgeous sky.
[img src=]220SEED TO LEAF {detail}
[img src=]250RAVENFLIGHT.
Inspired by native american art, and my love of Ravens.
[img src=]210HE OF THE WOODS {detail}
[img src=]260TREESPIRAL
This is an intersting takeon the rings of a tree as I've painted them as a spiral. You cant always tell and at first glance it just looks like normal tree rings. This painting has particular optical effects and appears to be moving as you look at it.
[img src=]250ON YOUR DOORSTEP
A view of the earth through a window. Shot, and bleeding. Although the planet is obviously in the distance, the blood has dripped right onto the window frame in front of you hence the title. I love my planet, and despair at how we treat her. I do paintings to shock sometimes, to jolt peoples minds into maybe thinking about Gaia in a different way. This is my wish. Respect the Earth.
[img src=]530BIRCH WHEEL
This is a mandala of sorts really made of birch trunks, leaves , ivy and seeds. I actually make these in real life with real things in my work as an environmental artist.
[img src=]310BLUESKYTREE.
A painting inspired by SunSkyTree, but in blue. Its got a kind of wuthering heights vibe to it.
[img src=]230EARTH LABRYINTH
I painted an actual labryinth and showed all the energy flowing into and around it. Green of course as it is of the earth.
[img src=]300TREEHEART
I had the idea that the rings of a tree could be any shape at all and it would be a good thing to depict things within a tree. Of course my first thought was to do a heart in the centre with the rings coming out from that. It took bloody ages to do this painting but I love it. When it was done, I couldnt help putting the blood dripping from it, which I know darkened its feel but made it a much more powerful statement about the environment. The heart of the tree is actually bleeding as its been cut. Its a thought.
[img src=]350SUNSKYLOVETREE.
Based on SunSKyTree but this tree is full of shining gold leaves in the shape of hearts. A painting of bounty and wealth and love. I gave it to my son but he said it wasnt really his thing!. I knew that but I wanted him to have such a loving bright painting.
A spiral of autumn colours from bright new green to dark brown.
[img src=]240JON AND VIKI 2 HEARTS
I did this painting a gift for my friends Jon and Vikis wedding. They loved it and I hope it Blesses their union. x


This collection is of my more experimental paintings, could be inspired by colours or shapes or something I have seen. Fairly random stuff really but has its place in my portfolio.

[img src=]70Summer
copyright 2010 Jo Thilwind, dreamspaceart
[img src=]130bright spiral
copyright 2010 Jo Thilwind, dreamspaceart
[img src=]110
[img src=]130Blue Void
copyright Jo Thilwind 2009, dreamspaceart
[img src=]190PeacockTail
copyright 2009 Jo Thilwind, dreamspaceart
[img src=]130Plant Patchwork
copyright 2009 Jo Thilwind, dreamspaceart
[img src=]140Mac's Patchwork
copyright 2009 Jo Thilwind, dreamspaceart
[img src=]180
[img src=]120Glitter Patchwork
copyright 2011 Jo Thilwind , dreamspaceart
[img src=]150Between Day&Night
copyright Jo Thilwind 2010
[img src=]180Autumn patchwork
coyright 2012 Jo Thilwind,dreamspaceart
[img src=]11024 Rings
coyright 2012 Jo Thilwind,dreamspaceart
[img src=]170Yin Yang Dragons
copyright Jo Thilwind 2007, dreamspaceart