I got very into painting Mandalas a few years ago and have utterly embraced it as a form to work with. By their very nature Mandalas are a spiritual tool, a way of accessing hidden areas of the mind, and helping the viewer to achieve a state of peaceful relaxation and so open mindedness. Im very into optical art and visual illusion and paint into my mandalas all sorts of weirdness that aims to trick the eye. What you see at first isnt always what it seems. The colours, shapes & themes I use are all carefully chosen to guide the eye through the painting, the journey, and to hopefully invoke a beautiful and uplifting experience. How much you want to interact with them is of course up to you. If you want you can just look at them as a lovely picture, and let their magick slowly reveal itself over time. More info on Mandalas below.

The word Mandala means ‘circle’ in Sanskrit. A  Mandala is a pattern or image on which to meditate. A sacred image which draws attention inward. As you look, and study the patterns, concentrating the mind and allowing the eyes to go soft, the inner focus shifts from outer world distractions.

I believe them to be portals to the realm of the subconcious.

When you attune to a Mandala, with an open and calm mind, you can experience a change in conciousness. Intuitive thought as opposed to intellectual. All Mandalas are circular, that being the most perfect and harmonious of shapes. Having no beginning and no end, it represents the endless cycle of life. Other shapes are of course used, but the circle contains and creates the inner space, a magic circle if you will, a place of power.

Meditation involves relaxation, and although some of my Mandalas initially appear very detailed and involved, the harmonious proportions, balance of colour & rigidly accurate geometry, actually soothe the mind. All seems  how it should be and there is nothing to distract or ‘jar’ the vision. The optical imagery I paint in is designed not to be obvious, but to reveal itself when the viewer is ready and has taken the time to sit and interact with the Mandala.

Symbolism is a powerful tool for the mind as strong associations are created through imagery. When you allow your mind to float freely, you can just absorb the painting and bypass conscious thinking. This will quiten and calm a busy mind, creating a feeling of peace and tranquility.

Many of my Mandalas appear to float in bright summer blue skies, subconciously creating the the  open, warm and free emotions seeing a sky like that brings. I hope they bring you a smile, I hope you enjoy them. x




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