I’ve painted many murals and love transforming a space into something so much more than what it was. I particularly like doing trompe l’oil and creating what appear to be wondrous and far reaching views in quite small places. They are of course lovely for childrens bedrooms but really can be anywhere. I welcome any commissions and am happy to discuss any ideas.


I've painted loads of murals and find they can absolutely transform a space into something completely different and wonderful. I particularly like doing trompe l'oiel and creating unexpected illusions of larger spaces than are actually there. Very lovely for childrens bedrooms but not at all limited by that. I welcome commissions.

[img src=]160my house
THis is my old bedroom. I painted a cave opening over my bed and hoped for weird dreams!
[img src=]130My House
RAinbow painted on the stairs inspired by a very wonderful stay with my dear friend Daevid Allen in Glastonbury. Was buzzin for weeks.
[img src=]140my house
My bedroom.
[img src=]190my house
Bathroom wall.
[img src=]150
Orchids, a commission for someones kitchen.
[img src=]160
[img src=]160
[img src=]120
[img src=]140
Brightened up a shop in a craft centre.
[img src=]150
[img src=]160
[img src=]330
A mural I painted at Glastonbury festival on the Greenpeace field.

Pirate Ship

A painting fo a lovely little boy who was very into pirates!. He rushed home from school every day to see what I'd done {it took a week} and his delight was a joy. I painted lots of pretty fish right next to his bed, and used a bright blue to bring lots of light into the room. Look for the pirate throwing up over the side!.

Roman Rooms

I painted this in a bathroom for a client. It took bloody forever but came out so well. One side looks out over the sea and the other inland to a meditareanean landscape. The painted sky on the ceiling gives a real sense of being outside and freedom. You really dont feel like you're in a room at all. The Trompe l'oil effects bring a grecian reality to the space. The beam around the top is painted on a flat wall believe it or not.

[img src=]40Roman bathroom
[img src=]40Roman bathroom
[img src=]40Roman bathroom
[img src=]30Roman bathroom
[img src=]30Roman bathroom
[img src=]20Roman bathroom
[img src=]20Roman bathroom
[img src=]20Roman bathroom
[img src=]20Roman bathroom
[img src=]20Roman bathroom
[img src=]10Roman bathroom
[img src=]10Roman bathroom
[img src=]10Roman bathroom
[img src=]10Roman bathroom

Harbour View

I painted this for a lovely little boy who was really into boats and the sea. He has his own boat with his name on and we had long conversations about what was going on on the beach and in the scene. he was very involved and loved it.


Pretty faeries dancing round a little girls bedroom.

Hobbit Hole

Inspired totally by Lord of the rings. I watched the film and tried to re create the hobbit house for this little boys bedroom. He loved it.

Cockerel mural.

This is actually painted on a bathroom door. The client was so into chickens, and I used photographs of her favourite place in Wales for the landscape behind him. Cheered the bathroom up no end, and the client!.


I painted this lovely archway in Shom's rehearsal room. It was so small I wanted to make it feel bigger so painted this huge view and made it feel like you were looking down from a high tower. It transformed the space and made you feel like you were in a much bigger space than you actually were. Pretty amazing actually. Trompe l'oil at its best, headspace x.

Other Artwork

This is a collection of artworks I cant seem to slot into any galleries on here. Random stuff but still interesting I think.

[img src=]100MY gorgeous dreamspace sign.
[img src=]130Verns tattoo.
I designed this for my friend Vern. its based on his family crest but I've also made it relevant to him today.
[img src=]140Mushroom sign.
for my mate Vern who makes mushrooms with a chainsaw.
[img src=]110Teapot Tipi sign.
looks too nice to put away so it lives in the house!.
[img src=]150Teapot Tipi camp!
Basically wherever Im camping is the Teapot Tipi camp!
[img src=]120Hazy Moon Cafe.
Just finished.
[img src=]120Other side of the synth!.
[img src=]130Side of a synth.
Shom synth players' synth.
[img src=]130Stonehenge baccy tin.
Tiny painting. small but perfectly formed!.
[img src=]160Backdrop for SHOM. I designed the logo.
[img src=]160
[img src=]150Hazy Moon Cafe sign.
For the very lovely HazyMoon Cafe which some of you may know from various festivals
[img src=]160Dreamspaceart sign
I put this out when Im working outside at various events. Its seriously glittery and shimmers in the sun x
[img src=]260Sweet paper mirror, handmade.
[img src=]210Handmade mirrors using sweet papers.

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